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Makeup guide : asian layering!

For some time we hear a lot about the beauty routine called the Layering. It's also been a long time since I wanted to make this article focus and as comprehensive as possible on this method used across Asia. Mainly in Japan and South Korea. So today I propose you this article which will allow you to know more about the operation and also to start well with the layering method.

Why layering?

The layering was created in Asia, and consists of using after a double cleaning of the skin, several care products successively on your skin. This ritual will give your skin everything it needs. This will therefore create a superposition of several care hence the fact that this technique is called layering. In France it is also called the mille feuille technique. In order for the layering to work well and you can see a noticeable improvement in your skin, you first need to know what your skin type is.

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The different types of skin

The types of skin are usually as follows:

Dry skin: Dry skin is prone to discomfort and tightness which are factors that show a lack of sebum. Your skin will therefore need to be fed.

Normal skin: Normal skin is an ideal balance of sebum is water. It does not present any discomfort. It logically has no redness, tightness and other skin problems like imperfections.

Mixed skin: The combination skin is a combination of oily skin and normal skin. Indeed, the mixed skin has the particularity of producing a lot of sebum on the T zone (nose, chin, forehead) and not having too many problems on the cheeks. However, the cheeks may sometimes have redness. mixed skin is very common and requires targeted use of products on each area.

Oily skin: Oily skin produces a lot of sebum on the whole face and especially on the T zone, it is prone to imperfections, black spots and usually dilated pores. Your skin type remains technically the same throughout your life. Disappointments will more or less come to modify its state and make it sensitive, dehydrate ...

The various discomforts of the skin

Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is weakened by irritating products and ingredients

The intolerant skin: The intolerant skin, is constantly very sensitive and is reactive.

Acne skin: Acne skin, is a skin that produces a large amount of sebum that causes an obstruction of the pores of the skin and the formation of pimples, black weight and other imperfections.

Dehydrated skin: Dehydrated skin, suffers from lack of water which results in a dull complexion and tugging.

To be able to constitute a suitable routine you will also have to target the problems that you meet with your skin and that you want to correct. This allows you to focus on the things that are most important to you. This can be redness, acne or signs of age. You will be able to choose ingredients and products to achieve your goals while respecting your skin type.

Layering codes

Respect the stages of layering: The layering draws its strength from its different stages must also know that the products apply from the fluid to the richest. All the steps are complementary to each other. After each step, the skin prepares to receive the following care. And before any care product should not forget the basis of layering namely the double cleaning of the skin.

Set up your routine step by step: Before arriving at a routine that suits you perfectly, you tend to make mistakes and try a lot of products. It is also what happened to me for 5 years that I practice the method of layering. Patience is a golden rule, products will go through your hands a number of times and one day you will find your winning combination. I do not advise you to change all your products at once. If you are not satisfied with your routine because you have a reaction and you change it completely at all you will not know the product that gives you reactions to the base. Not to mention the fact that you risk making bad reactions. You should also know that products do not work at everyone the same way. You have already noticed that some products that work with your family or friends do not necessarily work on you. We must arm ourselves with patience. And we must also tell you that the skin evolves according to the periods of life, the climate, the problems of hormones or even the hygiene of life. That will often make you change products to best meet your current problems. So I'm talking about steps but what are they?

I'll tell you everything in detail so that you can see more clearly.

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The different stages of layering

1. Make-up removal (evening)

Makeup removal is very important and part of the double cleansing ritual. This is the first step and it remains the most important and you should not skip it even if you are not wearing makeup. Because even if you have not makeup, skin accumulates impurities (pollution, dead skin ...) throughout a day. Makeup removal is done with a product containing a fatty substance. The products can be different (oil, balm ...) but will clean your skin thoroughly and the fat will take off all the impurities.

It is true that in France, consumers tend to use cleansing milk or micellar water which has been winded, the effectiveness for years. For my part I use oil removal for years. This allows me not to attack my skin or my eyes by rubbing with a milk to remove my makeup and especially I do not use cottons to remove my makeup (this is my ecological side that speaks!). The impurities go away very easily without rubbing. It is used in the evening on dry skin. I also specify that a fat eliminates all types of makeup including waterproof.

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2. Cleaning (Morning and evening)

The second step of the double cleaning is used to remove the greasy substance left during the cleansing step. The oil or cleansing balm rinses normally with warm water. However, a cleaner is then applied. In Korea creams, exfoliating powders or gels are very common. You can wash your face with your hands but also use accessories like a Konjac sponge that is found quite easy on the market.

3. Toner (morning and evening)

Toner is a product that we see very little in France or so we call it "lotion" and yet it is very important and you will understand why. Some small explanations! In Korea the toner can carry several names such as "Skin Booster", "Skin Balancer", "Skin Softner" and many other names. You should know the purpose of the toner and it is not uncommon in France to see that after washing his face with his cleanser, a person immediately applies his cream. And yet it is a mistake because in Korea we understood the importance of ridding the skin of limestone that leaves water on the skin. Indeed the limestone is bad for the skin and will also limit the care of your cream and other products that you apply later. Toners have the ability to remove impurities (limestone), moisturize and prepare the skin products you will apply later. It exists in several forms namely: spray (hydrating mist), liquid, milk or with a gelled formulation. A toner should preferably be alcohol-free to avoid skin damage and also to rebalance skin pH if your cleaner is not suitable for you. The toner is usually applied by hand by patting the skin with the finger but some people like to apply it to the cotton.

4. Essence-Serum-Ampoule (morning and evening)

We have just seen that the toner prepares the skin to receive the care of the following steps. The following is done with a product type serum, gasoline or bulb. These three products are rich in active ingredients. You can apply one of three products or three at a time which will combine the effects on your skin. This step will prepare the skin for applying the cream. The main differences of these three products and the concentration rate in assets. Essence: The texture of the essence and in general very fluid and can act on the pigment irregularities of your skin and other problems that you may encounter. Serum: The serum has a texture very similar to petrol and will have the same functions. The composition is generally more concentrated in active. The bulb: As the bulb is even more concentrated, this treatment is often used as a cure for a certain period of time during the year.

5. The cream (morning and evening)

Korean women certainly do not give the same importance to the cream that is given in France. But the cream will bring a finish to the care applied during the previous steps. In general creams are considered not concentrated enough. In Korea we often use an alternative using an emulsion instead of cream. For skins looking for comfort, a rich cream will provide hydration during sleep, which is when the skin regenerates.

6. The eye contour (morning and evening)

We often have some problems on the eye contour. It should be known that hydration is particularly important in this area of ​​the face and will be able to decrease, the small problems that we can meet according to our age. Several products with different textures can be applied. The worries encountered, are often puffy rings, colored or even fine lines. Personally I love besides a cream, use hydrogel patch that is placed under the eyes. This gives a boost to my dark circles that are often very pronounced.

7. Sun protection (morning)

In Korea, products often have integrated sun protection, however, this step must be remembered throughout the year (even in winter). As we know, the sun is the main cause of aging of the skin. And can cause brown spots, wrinkles ... Sun protection is essential to finish your skin care routine. Sun protection is to be applied in the morning. You can find it as a spray or cream. If you want to skip these steps and avoid adding a care on your skin, you can choose a product dyed with UV protection. Personally, I do not use sunscreen all the time, in general I use a cushion with a strong SPF.

8. The lip balm (morning and evening)

To finish this layering, do not forget the care of the lips. You can apply a classic lip balm with UV protection. In addition to this you can find sleeping mask to apply throughout the night and also hydrogel mask to ask. The lip balm will provide hydration and thus avoid chapped especially related to temperature shocks.


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