The characters of BT21, an amazing story

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The characters of BT21: a BTS and Line Friends creation

Because Rome was not made in 1 day, so is the whole universe of BT21. This pretty little world is the result of a collaboration between the BTS group and the Line Friends instant messaging application at the end of 2017. Each member of the group had the freedom to think, imagine and create their own character. They could draw their sketches (more or less according to their talent, haha!) And entrust them to illustrators who then gave life to their creation. But BTS members did not just create characters, they also thought about a whole story. Thus, Tata, a very curious character from a very distant galaxy, would have gone exploring with his companion Van. During their expedition, they accidentally fell to Earth. There, Tata would have decided to become a super star and would have met 6 beautiful members, whom we know well! This is how "Universtar BT21" was born. By the way, did you know that the BT21 name was suggested by Suga? It has indeed indicated that the characters had to represent both BTS but also the 21st. But without further ado, we present you all this pretty little world and the personality and particularity of the characters of BT21.

BT21, the 8 comrades from space

Tata, the super curious


Coming from the BT planet, Tata is the character created by V. At the time of his creation, this one set out the desire to present a unique character. That's why he drew a heart with a colorful and original body.
Like V, Tata is curious, full of energy and very endearing. Moreover, the name of this character BT21 is directly inspired by the nickname Taeyung (name of V) "Taetae".

RJ, the nice alpaca

rj bt21 bts

Very sweet, this small polished and nice little alpaca must actually look like a parka that he wears constantly because he is cautious! It is Jin who drew this character because he finds that he has a certain resemblance with this animal . By the way, the name of the alpaca is actually a contraction of "alpaca" and "Jin" (the "r" sounds similar to "al" for Koreans).

Chimmy, the passionate

chimmy bt21 bts

Like Jimin, Chimmy is a passionate character who puts a lot of effort into everything he does. This little puppy is always wearing a yellow jumpsuit that he never separates. According to the band member, Chimmy is the best BTS because he is lively and friendly. His name is directly inspired by Jimin's nickname "Chim Chim". For the record, the other members of the group find a great resemblance to Jimin's father.

Cooky, the sturdy pink bunny

cooky bt21 bts

Jungkook, the main singer of BTS, drew this rabbit in his image: courageous, lively and who loves challenges. But do not be fooled by his hard-leather image, Cooky loves to eat and especially sweet biscuits. Of course, Jungkook used his name to name his avatar, and just like him, he dreams of becoming strong.

Shooky, delicious little biscuit

shooky bt21 bts

Initially, Suga had drawn his dog but his sketches looked too much like the other characters. So, he drew several facial expressions, always inspired by his faithful companion, and gave birth to this cookie. Suga has also found inspiration in the Cooky character who loves cookies. Cookie's best friend, Shooky nevertheless hates the milk he wants to stay as far as possible.

Mang, the masked dancer pony

mang bt21 bts

J-Hope chose a horse to represent him, because he usually has bad press in the cartoons, and also because he wanted a particular character. Thus, just like him, Mang is a great dancer who never leaves his mask.To name his creation, J-Hope decided to refer to "mang" (which means "pony" in Korean) of the word "huimang Meaning "hope" (referring to "hope" by J-Hope). For the little anecdote, his nose is heart-shaped because it's the shape of J-Hope's mouth when he smiles.

Koya, the koala thinker

koya bt21 bts

We owe this pretty little blue koala to RM, the leader of BTS. He chose this animal that he appreciates enormously but also to differentiate from dogs and cats that we see too often. Plus, he wanted a cute and unique character. It's done ... Although spending a lot of his time sleeping, Koya is a smart person who thinks a lot. In addition, he has the ability to remove his ears.

Van, the space robot

van bt21 bts

Van is Tata's travel companion. Created by the designers of Line Friends, this white and gray robot is the protector of BT21 and it also represents the ARMY.

As we have just seen, the BT21 characters are all unique and each have their own personality. These are ultra friendly and colorful creations that we would like to have with us. Thus, the characters have been declined in many forms: pins, stickers, post-it ... We can now share our daily life with them. And you, what is / are the BT21 character or characters that you prefer?


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