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HOLIKA HOLIKA - Jellime...

HOLIKA HOLIKA - Jellime...

$10.70 Price

1. Liquid slime JOYFUL TEXTURE for fun sith soft touch feeling. 
2. Shimmery sparkling slime texture, application gices helly soft melt! Pretty moist sparkling shine express. 
3. Natural oil formulated orange mandarin fragrance, aroma healing with relaxation.

Color Option 
#01 Feel So Candy 
#02 Feel So Champagne 
#03 Feel So Tangerine

BERRISOM - Oops Dual...

BERRISOM - Oops Dual...

$8.40 Price

1. Enhancing face contour with sparkling light. 
2. Light weight dual composition, easy for a beginner. 
3. Enjoy easy contouring & strobing with a delicate applicator brush. 
4. Light weight dual composition, easy for a beginner.

Color Option 
#1 Highlighter & Shading 
#2 Eye Brightening & Concealer

BERRISOM - Oops Tint Cheek...

BERRISOM - Oops Tint Cheek...

$9.90 Price

1. Emersion type tint cheek cushion for moist glow effect. 
2. Gently tap with the included cushion for cheek. 
3. Thin and light contact provides superb sustainability for oily skin.

Color Option 
#1 Sugar Pink 
#2 Cream Peach