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HOLIKA HOLIKA - [1+1] Aloe...

HOLIKA HOLIKA - [1+1] Aloe...

$11.30 Price

A soothing gel containing 99% Aloe. A fresh and fast absorbing feeling without sticky finish.
It helps to sooth all your irritated skin leaving a complete refreshing. 
Multi care soothing gel that calms the reddened and sensetive face and body. 
For all skin type.

HOLIKA HOLIKA - Jellime...

HOLIKA HOLIKA - Jellime...

$10.70 Price

1. Liquid slime JOYFUL TEXTURE for fun sith soft touch feeling. 
2. Shimmery sparkling slime texture, application gices helly soft melt! Pretty moist sparkling shine express. 
3. Natural oil formulated orange mandarin fragrance, aroma healing with relaxation.

Color Option 
#01 Feel So Candy 
#02 Feel So Champagne 
#03 Feel So Tangerine