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KOELF - Eye Patch

KOELF - Eye Patch

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#1 Gold & Royal Jelly 
#2 Ruby & Bulgarian Rose 
#3 Pearl & Shea Butter

Gold & Royal Jelly
1. Gold excellence for punifying skin makes unbalanced skin firm and healthy. 
2. Known as the elixir of life, royal jelly makes skin smooth and firm. 

Ruby & Bulgarian Ros
1. Ruby powder keeps skin youthful and healthy, and you can experience specificity of the ruby which represents passion and life. 
2. Damask rose flower water from bulgaria contains high levels of vitamins to moisturize and clarify skin tone. 

Pearl & Shea Butter 
1. Pearl contains over 20 types of minerals and amino acids for bright and glowing skin. 
2. Rich in nutrients, shea butter moisturizes skin to make rough and dry skin soft and smooth.